Capitol Punishment

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“…a plot that is all too believable.”  New York Times for Capitol Punishment

“…chillingly prescient..down-to-the-wire suspense”  Publishers Weekly for Capitol Punishment

Hate is a powerful weapon. John Barrish, a cunning white supremacist, has let his hatred simmer while in the custody of the federal government. But with his release, he’s ready to unleash his fury on the institutions of the state that have targeted him. And he’s secured the means to do so in the form of a Cold-War era chemical weapon so lethal that the smallest amount can cause mass death.

Unless FBI Agent Art Jefferson can get to him first. Following the man’s deadly trail from Los Angeles to Washington D.C., Jefferson zeroes in on the plan Barrish has set in motion. A strike so bold that, if successful, would not only leave the nation leaderless–it could tear it apart.

Bone-chilling in its detailed accuracy, Pearson’s novel of homegrown terrorism is a fast-paced, provocative thriller that shows just how deadly the mix of politics and high-tech sabotage can be. From the opening page to the culmination of events on the day of the president’s State of the Union address, the action and intrigue in ‘Capitol Punishment’ never lets up.