Do you need a fresh, experienced opinion on your fiction manuscript or screenplay? Are you having difficulty bringing your ideas and words to a place where they not only please you, but, more importantly, they immerse the reader in the story you’ve created? If so, I may be able to help you.

So why you should part with your money to have me consult with you on what you have written, or are writing. Here is the experience that I bring to the table:

I’ve earned my living as a writer for over 25 years.

I’ve been both traditionally published (William Morrow and Putnam) and independently publish my own works.

Film rights for several of my novels have sold in seven figure deals — ‘Top Ten‘ and ‘Simple Simon

I’ve written a screenplay, ‘Knowing’, that opened #1 at the box office and which Roger Ebert branded ‘among the best science-fiction films I’ve seen’.

I’ve written screenplays for nearly every major studio (Sony, Warner Bros, Universal, Fox), as well as prolific independent producers.

I’ve sold pitches, worked on adaptations of both fiction and non-fiction books, rewritten existing screenplays, and worked on remakes.

I’ve worked with Academy Award winning directors, producers, and actors.

I’ve been featured in Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Entertainment Weekly, and other publications.

I’ve seen the highs and lows of the film and publishing business. It’s not all sugar coated. You will get straight talk about the business side of things regarding your project.

So that’s what I’ve done. What can I do for you? These are the areas where my input may help bring your manuscript or screenplay to the next level.


Concept – What is the HOOK in your story that will grab a reader, or a buyer? Can you boil down your concept to two or three or four sentences? Is it original or fresh?

Tone – Is your story happy, tense, dark, thrilling, mysterious? Do the characters and story match the tone? Is the combination of tone/character/story too familiar?

Character – Are your characters interesting? Are they ordinary? Does being ordinary make them interesting because of the situation they face? Are they real? Hyper real? Too real? Not real enough?

Payoff – What is the satisfying resolution of your story? What will the reader or audience FEEL once they’ve finished reading or watching it? Is that FEELING what you want, or what they want?


If you are interested in requesting a consultation on your fiction manuscript or screenplay, consider the following before contacting me to secure a space in my schedule:

1  Engaging me to consult on your manuscript or screenplay will NOT result in me recommending it to agents, managers, or anyone in the film, television, or publishing industries.

2  A consultation with me is no guarantee of success.

3  You will receive honest feedback. It may hurt. If you cannot deal with that, do not proceed.

4  My time is valuable. That is why I charge for consultations.

5  I may say no. If your concept or project is not something I feel I can help you with, I will not accept you as a client.

6  I am not reading or critiquing your full manuscript or screenplay. My consultation focuses on what you can tell me about your project, what you provide in a ONE PAGE condensation of your project, and what comes out of our discussion of your project.


Pricing & Requirements

First, I can only accept clients located in the United States.

Second, payment is only accepted through PayPal.

Third, I report all income at tax time and will provide a receipt to you.

Fourth, if you are required to send a 1099 to me for business tax purposes, I will provide required information to you.

Now to what my consultations cost…

Option 1: One hour telephone, Facetime, Skype Audio, or Skype Video consultation: $120 (Skype video is preferred)

This includes my reading of preliminary materials provided by you in advance (NOT full manuscripts)

Option 2: 30 minute pitch practice Skype Video or Facetime consultation: $60 (Skype video is preferred)

Option 3: Customized consultation with price agreed upon in advance (This can be very expensive)


How To Schedule A Consultation

Use THIS LINK to contact me through this website. In the comments provide your e-mail address and state that you are requesting a consultation, and I will contact you via e-mail to provide further information and begin the process.