October’s Ghost

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“Suspenseful and filled with precise descriptions of weaponry; will appeal to Tom Clancy’s readers” Booklist for October’s Ghost

“Pearson delivers another riveting technothriller… Highly recommended” Library Journal for October’s Ghost

October 1962. It was a time when the world came to the brink of nuclear Armageddon over an island nation ninety miles off the U.S. mainland. Now, decades later, the past is about to be revisited.

The world has changed, but not enough for some. As one element of the United States government strives to build a secure relationship with a tenuous Russian government, another has engineered a plan to topple the Western Hemisphere’s last Communist dictator–Castro.

But the aging revolutionary will not go quietly, and, as the CIA-supported rebel elements in his military launch a widespread assault on his leadership, the Cuban dictator secretly readies his trump card–a decades-old nuclear missile. Intelligence reports warn Washington of the weapon, setting a highly secret search in motion. Moscow, however, sees only suspect actions that threaten to destroy all the progress in post-Cold War relations.

As the superpowers brace for a familiar, apocalyptic game of blind man’s bluff with each other, elements across the globe struggle to prevent the final countdown to a nuclear apocalypse. From Los Angeles, where FBI Agents Art Jefferson and Francine ‘Frankie’ Aguirre seek to unravel the mystery of a murdered Cuban privy to Castro’s secret weapon, to Cuba, where the military’s Special Operations Detachment DELTA races to execute a plan to secure the rogue missile before it can be launched, Ryne Douglas Pearson combines a masterful technical accuracy with an eerie evocation of past confrontations to present both a provocative history lesson and a riveting novel of suspense.